Welcome to Buttermilk Trace.

Here in the South, we have traces and pikes where elsewhere folks have highways and avenues. As a creative consortium of photographers, writers and artists, we’d like to help you travel the hightways of the Southeast region through a wide variety of media, as we help you explore the culture where we live and work. We focus our stories on the culinary arts, but we easily reach out into the worlds of travel, art, fashion, history, tourism and more with depth and authenticity.

You may just come here to read our blogs, as each of us reflects on what’s going on in the area now, or you may consult us directly to produce original, distinctive, thought-provoking articles for your own publication, complete with high-caliber photography. You may want our help with a book or a region-centric web site. And all of those options are open to anyone who comes to us.

We admit a fondness for Middle Tennessee, where most of us live and work, but we range across the South, from Virginia and the Carolinas, up to Kentucky and down to Florida in our perspectives. We know these places well. We bring both a collective understanding of regional tradition and the broad open-mindedness of the new South. We are industrial and rural, we are fashion-forward and comfortable in our jeans.

Join us regularly to keep up on what’s going on, what we love and what we’re excited about. Come to us when you need real, deep, thoughtful and accurate insight into the region for your print or online publications.

We look forward to working with you.