Chris Chamberlain

Christ Chamberlain of Buttermilk TraceChris Chamberlain is a food, drink. wine, spirits, travel and personal interest writer based in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has lived his entire life except for four years in California where he studied liberal arts at Stanford University and learned how to manipulate chopsticks. He is a regular writer for the Nashville Scene and their “Bites” food blog. He is also the Southern correspondent for, a national website dedicated to “Drinking, Eating, and Living the Way a Man Should.” He has also contributed to the Nashville City Paper, Nashville Lifestyles, Her Nashville, Julep, 2001 Edgehill and as a kitchen gadget reviewer at

Chamberlain has attended and reported from tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans for the past few years and has wide-ranging knowledge of and reviewing experience within the cocktail culture and the spirits and wine industry.

In 2012, Chamberlain has undertaken a year-long study of barbecue for Food Republic including profiles of notable pitmasters and their unique regional styles, judging at several competitive barbecue competitions and being embedded as a member of cook teams at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest and the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.

An active member of the Southern Foodways Alliance, Chamberlain attends SFA events all over the country and has developed an extensive network of connections in the academic and cooking community across the region. Well-traveled, Chamberlain has comprehensive knowledge of the restaurant communities in the largest cities in the south, including Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Charleston, Chattanooga, Louisville, Greenville, and Charlotte as well as experience finding the best food in the small towns between the big cities.

One of his favorite things in life to do is to put a shoulder on the smoker and watch SEC football all day long while waiting for his pork to reach “pig-picking” temperature as slowly as possible.